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Post-Op Instructions
    Denture Soft Reline

Denture soft reline materials are made of silicone and they have a very soft and rubbery texture. They serve as a cushion to the gum tissue, and often provide a tighter fit for a period of time while you are healing and waiting to be ready to have a reline done. Here are some suggestions to keep the reline material soft and extend the time that it lasts.

  1. Gently brush several times per day under running water with a toothbrush and neutral soap. If using a cleaning bath, allow denture to remain in the bath for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  2. The surface of the silicone is very smooth. If you brush your reline, be sure to use only a soft brush and brush gently. Hard brushes and vigorous brushing is not necessary and may damage the silicone’s smooth surface. This could create pits where bacteria can grow.
  3. Do not use highly alkaline soaps or ethylene solutions to clean or soak the denture. This could cause pits in the silicone where bacteria can grow.
  4. Lastly, the only care that your denture will need is lightly soft brushing or rinsing in water and/or neutral pH soap.


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